• About Us

    Health Partner’s mission is to make healthcare more affordable and easier to access for the patient.


Health Partner offers the most convenient, hassle-free model, working with providers to focus on the number one priority for patients: delivering affordable, easy access to care. It’s a simple idea driven by a complicated environment of healthcare.

The ever-changing landscape of healthcare has affected how insurance companies set deductible levels, increasing them by thousands of dollars over a relatively short amount of time. Today the average deductible is between $1,500 and $5,000. Not long ago, deductibles averaged $200 to $1,000. The insurance industry has clearly shifted a higher level of fiscal responsibility to you, the patient.

There is now a figurative “broken bridge” creating a gap between patients being able to afford upfront high deductibles and ultimately receiving healthcare services by creating delays, or sometimes, removing access to the care you deserve.

Whether you carry insurance or not, Health Partner helps bridge this gap with an easy to use health financing system that focuses on the patient first. Other services are out there, but Health Partner is the first hassle-free solution for both patients and providers.