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Your healthcare should never be delayed or become a secondary priority in your life. Health Partner helps you cover out of pocket costs for any healthcare related treatments; which can include preventive, medical, surgical, medicines, and even cosmetic procedures. Your out of pocket expenses can include non-insurance covered services, copays and deductibles. Health Partner will pay your upfront costs and create an affordable payment plan, so you don’t delay the most important thing in your life; your healthcare.

Health Partner can make your health and wellness a priority rather than a side note.

Our Specialties

Healthcare should be helpful, not a hassle.

Unfortunately, healthcare has become needlessly complicated.
Health Partner removes barriers and delays, making your care a simple process that will lead to a bright future where your health is a priority.

Complete a fast credit check and see how easy healthcare can be.

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Applying for Health Partner and going through our credit check will not affect your credit in any way. Apply now for a hassle-less journey!

Time to Recover

It’s time to change your focus towards your health!

Health Financing Made Easy

Our slogan is more than words; its meaning is real. At Health Partner we make your financing easy
so you can focus on the care you need, when you need it.